PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer


At launch, we will offer two options: a PlayStation®5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and a PlayStation®5 Digital Edition without a disc drive. The PS5 gameplay experience will be the same, so the choice is all yours. While there are some slight differences in the look of each model, for the overall design, we wanted to deliver a console that’s bold, stunning, and unlike any previous generation of PlayStation.


  • Freezeey
    Freezeey53 minutter siden

    Am I the only one who likes the style of the new PS5?

  • x kitty
    x kittyTime siden

    kitty's Are Better Than Playstation's:/ It's A Station where u can Play I Think. ;w;

  • XxMilleSuperOwlxX
    XxMilleSuperOwlxXTime siden

    WildEJWest this isn’t PS7 it’s PS100, well will see if we will buy PS5 like will it succeed?

  • Jace S
    Jace S2 timer siden

    Whoever edited this needs a raise

  • Sean


    2 timer siden

    Aww thankyou

  • 375 Gamer Ghost
    375 Gamer Ghost2 timer siden

    I will buy after board exams

  • Mr.Panda69
    Mr.Panda693 timer siden

    What a nice modem

  • Subhan Gul
    Subhan Gul3 timer siden

    before i buy this ps5 when it launches i have some questions is it gonna update if it has issues? which is better digital edition or original? will ps5 games be expensive? will it have ps4 pro games?

  • AEDE_Zeyrox
    AEDE_Zeyrox4 timer siden

    Français ?

  • godflash barryalen
    godflash barryalen4 timer siden

    dude ps5 is 500 ¥ what

  • Red Sans
    Red Sans4 timer siden


  • Manaansh
    Manaansh5 timer siden

    To the people who don't know: Song used is Self Control by MF Graves

  • fool gamer
    fool gamer5 timer siden

    I think I have to sell my kidney 😂😂😂😂

  • Èrrør¡Ñ
    Èrrør¡Ñ5 timer siden


  • Arroz con webo
    Arroz con webo6 timer siden

    Ta caro

  • spaceman colon
    spaceman colon7 timer siden

    imagine spending 6 years making this and it ends up getting compared to a WiFi router

  • Imer Gamer
    Imer Gamer8 timer siden

    Yo soy pobre

  • Matro TV
    Matro TV8 timer siden

    Только увидел трейллер, и понимаю как её будут все раскупать

  • gamekiller342
    gamekiller3428 timer siden

    Well im selling my kidney

  • Kyore
    Kyore9 timer siden

    They must’ve rendered this bih in 8k and scaled it down

  • aeroambrose
    aeroambrose11 timer siden

    I'm never going to financially recover from this 😔

  • MrMaster
    MrMaster11 timer siden

    wifi router vs mini fridge

  • حبيبي والله
    حبيبي والله13 timer siden

    حبيبي والله

  • Kai Tube
    Kai Tube13 timer siden

    I know I’m a late comment but I feel like I’m the only one who kind of wants to see ps one classics come to PS5 like on the PS3 or the handhelds

  • ZxrroLol
    ZxrroLol13 timer siden

    My ears: *bleeding*

  • Just A ShyGuy
    Just A ShyGuy13 timer siden

    Who else just got the PS4 and now the PS5 trailer comes out?

  • A.K. DaBeast
    A.K. DaBeast14 timer siden

    That ain’t a console that’s Modern Skyscraper bruv...... Nah legit can’t wait to get it tho!🤙

  • ilikepotatoes312
    ilikepotatoes31215 timer siden

    That wasn't even a hardware reveal we don't know what kind of power this thing has

  • godless of destruction
    godless of destruction15 timer siden

    I love the way they introduce the ps5

    БАНШИ / BANSHI15 timer siden

    Еба, а у меня xbox 360

  • QueijoDeOuro
    QueijoDeOuro15 timer siden

    This is gonna fit very weirdly in a room

  • Monica Mohan
    Monica Mohan16 timer siden

    Time to upgrage guys

  • Momeros Tv
    Momeros Tv16 timer siden

    Nintendo es mejor 🔥👌

  • AndressCrack21 X

    AndressCrack21 X

    11 timer siden

    Chale calla niño chico

  • 8Bit
    8Bit16 timer siden

    who will tell the music from the trailer

  • Białe PS5
    Białe PS516 timer siden

    the router future

  • Charel Doevi
    Charel Doevi17 timer siden

    Amazing ans thé ps5

  • Dav _1542
    Dav _154217 timer siden

    Dislikes are from xbox users

  • Nicolas Quan
    Nicolas Quan18 timer siden


  • Sodium Chloride
    Sodium Chloride18 timer siden

    WHOS HERE IN 2020??

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus18 timer siden

    Too bad I can't afford it.

  • Luis Arevalo655
    Luis Arevalo65518 timer siden

    muchos que emos vivido las primeras fallas aprendido la lección del primer modelo PlayStation 1 tambien 2 y 3 no no compraran PS5 porque yo ya aprendí la lección

  • Silmu pelaa
    Silmu pelaa19 timer siden

    where is the toilet seat?

  • Heonsig Chung
    Heonsig Chung19 timer siden

    Can't believe the ps5 is made out of boba

  • Edmar Rodrigues
    Edmar Rodrigues19 timer siden

    I. Ps8

  • Wanderson kenway
    Wanderson kenway19 timer siden

    Que venha ps5

  • Ollie Ravesteyn
    Ollie Ravesteyn20 timer siden

    When did I ask

  • Kanaa Gamer
    Kanaa Gamer20 timer siden

    60 k dislikes may be they are Xbox ones

  • STRikerr 7 GAMING
    STRikerr 7 GAMING20 timer siden

    Please playstation..i want to buy your consoles but they are very expensives..please make it little cheaper

  • Александр Земцов
    Александр Земцов21 time siden

    Can I have a song title?

  • Satya Paladudgu
    Satya Paladudgu21 time siden

    NOICE Too big Too long Too Heavy ig Too powerful ig Too many games TOO EXPENSIVE

  • Damiun Mize
    Damiun Mize22 timer siden

    The digital version is cool but then I seen the bulky disk version 😂😂

  • HowToBeAnIdiot
    HowToBeAnIdiot22 timer siden

    Someone nutted to this

  • Pedro Henrique de Sousa Gomes
    Pedro Henrique de Sousa Gomes22 timer siden

    so nine moden kkkk

  • крутой чувак 2007
    крутой чувак 200722 timer siden

    Пс5: вышла Я: достаю свою 2ую Sony:Ps5 released I:game in my ps2 Sorry I have bad english

  • SPARTA 47
    SPARTA 4723 timer siden

    I hope there is more play station I dnot want only ps5 We need more We need ps6 ps7 ps8 ps9 and more

    KING EFEDag siden

    Xbox boooo/ playstation yuhuuuu

  • Mitchell Credland
    Mitchell CredlandDag siden

    Its ps5

  • Kyi Phyu Khin
    Kyi Phyu KhinDag siden

    2:52 a he camera are taking photos like old nitedo games

  • Kyi Phyu Khin
    Kyi Phyu KhinDag siden

    Remote control what are we watching a tv

  • Kyi Phyu Khin
    Kyi Phyu KhinDag siden

    Ps5 it is too much cash 💰 what billionaire can use it millionaire can not used it

  • Kyi Phyu Khin
    Kyi Phyu KhinDag siden

    Wear a mask be a hero 🦸‍♂️ and ps5 owner killing us this guy a villain 🦹‍♂️